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NOTES: Applicants must be 21 years of age to be considered eligible to adopt a ferret. We do not ship ferrets. You MUST be a resident of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, or eastern Tennessee to be considered.

Personal Information

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E-Mail Address:

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  1. How old are you? under 21    21-30    30-40    40-50    over 50   

  2. Are there children in this household? Yes No
    NOTE: As with all animals, adult supervision is recommended when small children are present.

  3. For whom are you wanting to adopt a ferret(s)? Self    Spouse    Child    Other   

  4. Do you:

  5. Where do you live?

  6. If renting, please provide landlord information.
    Landlord Name:
    Landlord Phone:

  7. Please give us the name and phone number of your most current veterinarian:

    Pet Information

  1. Have you owned a ferret before? Yes No
  2. If so, how many?
  3. Do you have ferret(s) now? Yes No
  4. If so, how many?
  5. Are they current on vaccinations? Yes No
  6. Have your ferret(s) been exposed to the coronavirus (ECE) or Aleutian's Disease (ADV)?
    How was it treated?
  7. If you don't have your ferret(s) now, what happened to it/them?

  8. Have you read up or researched about having a ferret(s)? Yes No
    If you have done the research, please answer these questions.
    What was the source of your information? (List name of book, web address, etc.)

    What toys are considered unsafe for ferrets and why?

    What common illnesses do ferrets get?

  9. Are you a member of a ferret group? Yes No
    Which one?

    * Ferret clubs / organizations / online internet list groups who can provide
    answers, assistance and sharing of information for you and your ferret(s):

    Ferret Central
    Ferret Mailing List
    Triangle Ferret Lovers club

  10. Do you have a cage? Yes No
    Size and Description

  11. What room of the home will the cage be kept?

  12. How much time do you have to play with the ferret(s)? (List hours for morning, afternoon, and evening)

  13. Do you have other pets? What kind?
  14. Have you ferret-proofed the home? (If you've never owned a ferret before, you will probably need to ferret-proof your home. We have instructions as to what to look for to help you with this task).
    Yes No

  15. Ferrets should NOT be fed grocery store cat foods. Are you prepared to pay more for quality food at $12.00-$15.00 per 7 lb. bag?
    Yes No

  16. Ferrets need to visit the vet at least once a year check up and vaccinations (distemper and rabies). (Ferrets over 3 years of age need to have a check up twice a year.) Are you willing to pay $50 - $100 annually per ferret for vet visits?
    Yes No
    (We can provide a list of ferret-knowledgeable vets in case you do not know one that treats ferrets).

  17. Are you prepared to keep your ferrets for the span of their life, up to 10 years of age? (Including ferrets that become sick and need medical attention or lifestyle changes?)
    Yes No

  18. Would you consider adopting an older ferret?
    Yes No

  19. If not, why?
  20. Would you be willing to adopt or sponsor a Special Needs ferret that requires extra time and love? There are many of these ferrets in shelters across the USA who are in Dire Need of someone to love and care for them a little more than a healthy ferret.
    Yes No

    If Yes, please e-mail me separately at regarding this type of adoption.

  21. Please be specific in describing the ferret(s) you are looking for and why:
    * Note: All ferrets adopted out are spayed (females) or neutered (males).

I have answered the above questions truthfully and have researched the required material into ferret care and my housing situation. I am now ready to adopt and be adopted by a loving ferret and promise to care for it as described in the materials furnished to me. If I become unable to care for or can not afford medical care for the ferret, I agree to return the ferret back to the shelter to assure it finds another good home, and/or gets the medical attention it needs.
Initial here:

Furthermore, I understand that "The Ferret Guardian Rescue Haven" retains the right to periodically check on adopted Ferrets' well being and living conditions. We also retain the right to rescue the ferret back from its adoptive owners if it is in any way: abused, neglected, ill or sickly, in poor living conditions, injured by other household pets or humans, or is left outdoors. In this regard, no refund will be given. If this transpires, we will be accompanied by a representative of either; The SPCA, Animal Control, and or a law enforcement official.
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You will be required to initial and sign this form at the time of the adoption.

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Adoption fees are as follows:

Kits to adults age 3:
	Singles $95.00
	Bonded Pairs $150.00
	Trios $200.00
	Quads $250.00

Adults from age 4 to 6:
	Singles $75.00
	Bonded Pairs $125.00
	Trios $175.00
	Quads $200.00
Senior ferrets & Special Needs ferrets adoption fees are on a case by case basis. Sponsors are always needed to help with special needs and permanent shelter ferrets. If interested in being a sponsor, please e-mail me at

Be it known, adoption fees are considered to be donations to pay for food, supplies, medical attention, vaccinations and etc. while in our care. No profit is accrued from these fees and cannot be refunded. All ferrets leaving the shelter, have been examined with a clean bill of health, up to date on shots and disease free. (Special Needs and Terminal ferrets excluded)

In the event the adopted ferret(s) become ill due to natural cause or disease within 30 days of adoption, with confirmation by our and or, a qualified veterinarian(s) with ferret knowledge, that said illness is of natural occurrence and not from neglect, abuse, living conditions, inflicted injury, or other inhumane acts while in custody of new owners and their domain, a full refund will be given.

(Please read over the form to be sure it is complete and accurate before submitting it.)

Please address questions regarding ferret adoption to Diane Campbell at Diane can also be reached by phone at 828-728-7101 or by fax; 828-728-7048

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